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About Us


Founded in 2016, Ethereal Theatre Company prides itself on producing high quality productions annually performed both in London and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Primarily focused upon the stage, Ethereal Theatre produces original and dynamic work, while twisting new concepts onto iconic plays and musicals. We are able to explore and discover a newfound perspective while reinventing the messages and themes of such works for today's contemporary audience. 

With our productions achieving success and a smattering of positive reviews, it is our collective ethos to continue producing theatre which is thought-provoking, imaginative and provides a platform for the next generation of creatives. 



Along with the announcement of our latest production, you will find the necessary details needed, in order for you to apply for an audition slot. If you are invited to audition, an email will be sent to you detailing the time, place and what to prepare. 

The first round of auditions usually consists of presenting the specified audition requirements (i.e a verse and chorus of a song) to our panel. You may also be required to partake in a dance audition which will run as a workshop. Here you will meet the Director, Musical Director and Choreographer for that production. 

If you are invited to attend a recall, the day will run like a workshop. Any additional material to be learned will be taught on the day along with a more intensive dance recall and an acting workshop. After the recall is completed role offers will be sent to successful auditionees. Here at Ethereal Theatre we endeavor to make sure that everyone hears from us regardless of the outcome. We always offer audition feedback to anyone who requests it too, written by the panel. 


 Rehearsals always begin with a read through of the entire show. Afterwards, time is divided between acting, singing and choreography. As we get closer to opening night, we move into run throughs of the show along with a sitzprobe if necessary. If the production is remaining in London there will be a tech and dress rehearsal at the performance venue prior to the first performance. If the production is transferring to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, then the dress rehearsal will take place in London before travelling to Scotland.

Once in Edinburgh, we shall have a final refresher run through before a lengthy tech rehearsal the day before the first performance.